About Me

I’m JoJo. Nice to meet you.

I was born in Boston to two Polish immigrants, then moved to New Jersey, then back to ‘burbs of Boston for high school. I stayed in the Boston area for college, graduate school, and beyond. I started my post college career as a communications and marketing professor, a job I both loved and hated. When my husband and I took our vows in 2015, we promised to love, honor, and become business partners.

What is Worth Every Penny?

It is an creative outlet for every decision I have ever sweat. “Professor by Day, Student for Life,” was my motto because I love to research and learn, and share that knowledge. I take that same approach with the purchases I make, how I spend my energy, and where I spend my time. It is time to celebrate what is worth it, and share what is not so much.

Why am I worth listening to?

Because you have one or more things in common with me. Or because you know that I’m a conscious spender of my money, energy, and time. I’ve done the homework, so feel free to share my answers.

What do we have in common?

I’m 33 years old.

I speak fluent Polish.

I started dating my husband when we were both 18 years old.

I’m an animal lover, and a rescuer of two dogs from Alabama and one cat from the mean streets of Massachusetts.

I’m a former professor, turned project manager.

I love train travel. I get excited just from the “clicking” sounds of train boards.

I think ice cream is a perfectly acceptable meal.

I love to adventure. Whether it’s walking around a new city, hiking up a mountain, or finding a lakeside to lounge at, count me in.

I want to hike all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in New Hampshire. I’m at 2/48.

I own five chambray shirts and a pair of chambray sneakers. I’m addicted to all things chambray.

I love beer, my husband loves cider. The waitstaff always switch our drinks.

I was a nanny for four kids all through college, graduate school, and even beyond. They are responsible for my nickname, JoJo.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me well, but I love Vermont, and all things Vermont including the Green Mountains, creemees, and covered bridges.

I’m part Bostonian, part Jersey girl, but all Polska.

This blog was named after my dog, Penny, who was in fact, “Worth Every Penny.”